Namaz Times in Lahore

Is it challenging to find the most accurate namaz times in Lahore? Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore because we got your back. We are here to provide you with precise prayer times in Lahore and all other cities.

Today, 25 Feb 2024, Lahore prayer times are Fajr Time 05:14 AM, Dhuhr (Zuhr) Time 12:16 PM, Asr Time 03:29 PM, Maghrib Time 05:57 PM & Isha Time 07:18 PM. These timings are based on the Islamic date of Shaʿbān 15, 1445. Moreover, the prayer timings for the next 30 days are also provided here for your ease.

Today Lahore Prayer Times

Fajr 05:14 AM
Sunrise 06:35 AM
Dhuhr (Zuhr) 12:16 PM
Asr 03:29 PM
Maghrib 05:57 PM
Isha 07:18 PM

Prayer Time Of Whole Month

Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Thu, 1 05:33 AM 06:56 AM 12:16 PM 03:14 PM 05:37 PM 07:00 PM
Fri, 2 05:32 AM 06:55 AM 12:16 PM 03:15 PM 05:38 PM 07:01 PM
Sat, 3 05:32 AM 06:55 AM 12:16 PM 03:16 PM 05:38 PM 07:01 PM
Sun, 4 05:31 AM 06:54 AM 12:16 PM 03:17 PM 05:39 PM 07:02 PM
Mon, 5 05:30 AM 06:53 AM 12:17 PM 03:17 PM 05:40 PM 07:03 PM
Tue, 6 05:30 AM 06:53 AM 12:17 PM 03:18 PM 05:41 PM 07:04 PM
Wed, 7 05:29 AM 06:52 AM 12:17 PM 03:19 PM 05:42 PM 07:05 PM
Thu, 8 05:29 AM 06:51 AM 12:17 PM 03:19 PM 05:43 PM 07:05 PM
Fri, 9 05:28 AM 06:50 AM 12:17 PM 03:20 PM 05:44 PM 07:06 PM
Sat, 10 05:27 AM 06:49 AM 12:17 PM 03:21 PM 05:45 PM 07:07 PM
Sun, 11 05:26 AM 06:49 AM 12:17 PM 03:21 PM 05:45 PM 07:08 PM
Mon, 12 05:26 AM 06:48 AM 12:17 PM 03:22 PM 05:46 PM 07:08 PM
Tue, 13 05:25 AM 06:47 AM 12:17 PM 03:23 PM 05:47 PM 07:09 PM
Wed, 14 05:24 AM 06:46 AM 12:17 PM 03:23 PM 05:48 PM 07:10 PM
Thu, 15 05:23 AM 06:45 AM 12:17 PM 03:24 PM 05:49 PM 07:11 PM
Fri, 16 05:22 AM 06:44 AM 12:17 PM 03:24 PM 05:50 PM 07:11 PM
Sat, 17 05:22 AM 06:43 AM 12:17 PM 03:25 PM 05:51 PM 07:12 PM
Sun, 18 05:21 AM 06:42 AM 12:17 PM 03:26 PM 05:51 PM 07:13 PM
Mon, 19 05:20 AM 06:41 AM 12:16 PM 03:26 PM 05:52 PM 07:14 PM
Tue, 20 05:19 AM 06:40 AM 12:16 PM 03:27 PM 05:53 PM 07:14 PM
Wed, 21 05:18 AM 06:39 AM 12:16 PM 03:27 PM 05:54 PM 07:15 PM
Thu, 22 05:17 AM 06:38 AM 12:16 PM 03:28 PM 05:55 PM 07:16 PM
Fri, 23 05:16 AM 06:37 AM 12:16 PM 03:28 PM 05:55 PM 07:17 PM
Sat, 24 05:15 AM 06:36 AM 12:16 PM 03:29 PM 05:56 PM 07:17 PM
Sun, 25 05:14 AM 06:35 AM 12:16 PM 03:29 PM 05:57 PM 07:18 PM
Mon, 26 05:13 AM 06:34 AM 12:16 PM 03:30 PM 05:58 PM 07:19 PM
Tue, 27 05:12 AM 06:33 AM 12:15 PM 03:30 PM 05:59 PM 07:19 PM
Wed, 28 05:11 AM 06:32 AM 12:15 PM 03:30 PM 05:59 PM 07:20 PM
Thu, 29 05:10 AM 06:31 AM 12:15 PM 03:31 PM 06:00 PM 07:21 PM

* All Timings are Beginning Times

Pakistan Prayer Timings (Top Cities)


Lahore – the city of gardens – is the second biggest city in Pakistan, following Karachi. It is the capital and the most populated city of the province of Punjab, comprising a population of about 13.9 million. The Pak- India (Wagah) border is also present in Lahore.

This city is famous for its many parks, gardens and rich culture. It is also considered Pakistan’s liberal and progressive city. In addition, Lahore street food is the talk of the town too.

Sounds Informative. Keep Reading;

Famous Mosques in Lahore

There are many mosques in Lahore but some famous and beautiful mosques are as follows,

  • Badshahi mosque
  • Wazir khan mosque
  • Grand Jamia mosque 
  • Sunehri mosque
  • Moti mosque

Due to Lahore’s sizeable geographical area 1,772 km sq., a difference of one or two minutes in prayer timings can be calculated. But the times on this page are created in such a way to assist all the people who live in and around Lahore.

Also, check prayer times in Makkah, the Holy city of all the Muslims.

Importance of Namaz (Prayers)

Namaz (Prayers) is vital and is considered the second pillar of Islam. Its importance can be analysed by this that Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) has said several times about offering prayers at their specific times.

Some Hadits about the importance of Namaz

  • Hazrat Abdullah asked the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Which deed is the dearest to Allah?” He replied,To offer the prayers at their early stated fixed times.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 527)
  • Ibn Umar (R.A.) narrates: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) stated the following:The place of Prayer (Salah) in religion is like the place of the head in the body. (Majmau’l-Awsat, 3:154, (2313.) Imam Tabarani, Mu’jamu’s-Saghir)

These Hadits tell us the importance of Prayers. In Addition, there are several other Hadits about Prayers.

Furthermore, daily Fajr (Fajar) timing in Lahore, Dhuhur time, Asr time in Lahore, Maghrib Lahore prayer times & Isha Lahore Namaz timing are available here.

How are Prayers Times Calculated?

Complex mathematical equations, including longitude, latitude, local time, time equation and the inclination of the Sun, are used in calculating prayer time Lahore.

Prayers Calculation

Fajr time

When the true dawn begins, the Fajr prayer time starts and ends at the beginning of sunrise.

Duhur (Zuhr) time

The Duhur (Zuhr) time begins when the sun reaches its highest point and when the shadows of objects have the slightest chance to disappear. The Zuhr time ends just before the start of Asr.

Asr time

There are two prominent opinions about Asr prayer. The majority of firqas, i.e. Shafi, Maliki, Ja’fari, and Hanbali, used to say that the Asr time starts when the shadow of some object becomes equal to the length of that object.

But firqa Hanafi believes that Asr time starts when the shadow of some object becomes twice the same object’s length. The firqa Hanafi’s opinion is the dominant one. The Asr namaz time ends when the Sun sets.

Maghrib time

Maghrib time starts after sunset and remains until the red light of the sky has left towards the west (twilight).

Isha time

After the red light is finished from the sky, Isha time starts and remains until the white light (fajr Sadiq). But it is best to offer Isha before midnight. 

Astronomy plays a crucial role in namaz’s timings. Specialists calculate the Namaz timing Lahore, so there is almost no chance of any mistake.

Have You Ever Thought About It? Let’s Move On;

The starting and ending of Fajr time Lahore, Zuhr time Lahore, Asr time Lahore, Maghrib time Lahore and Isha time Lahore are provided below.


1. What is Fajr time in Lahore?

Fajr time in Lahore starts at 05:14 AM and ends at sunrise at 06:35 AM. Fajr has total of 4 rakats: 2 sunnah and 2 Farz.

2. What is Dhuhr (Zuhr) time in Lahore?

Dhuhr (Zuhr) time in Lahore starts at 12:16 PM and ends at 03:29 PM just before Asr. It has 12 rakats: 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 Nafl.

3. What is Asr time in Lahore?

Asr time in Lahore starts at 03:29 PM and ends at 05:57 PM. Asr has a total of 8 rakats: 4 Sunnah and 4 Nafl.

4. What is Maghrib time in Lahore?

Maghrib time in Lahore starts at 05:57 PM and ends at 07:18 PM. Maghrib has a total of 7 rakats: 3 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 Nafl.

5. What is Isha time in Lahore?

Isha time in Lahore starts at 07:18 PM and ends at 12:16 AM. Isha has total of 17 rakats: 4 Sunnah, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl.


We have provided you with exact namaz times in Lahore on this page. The above monthly timetable can also be printed for your ease. All your problems will be solved when you offer prayers at their proper time. Moreover, Allah’s blessings will always shower on you.

Offer prayers daily, and also remember us in your duas!

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